The agenda.

The policy that’s best for African Americans is the policy we will champion regardless of political party. There are no permanent interests and no permanent enemies.  What improves the life outcomes for African American will be the number one focus  Harriet’s List will provide day in and day out principles that make up a forward agenda on issue African Americans are disproportionately impacted by.  Our approach is to inform voters on what exactly those running for office and asking for your vote believe in on the most important issues that make up the black agenda.

Agenda ItemForAgainstExpanation
Support for HBCUs-10+10Will you push for more federal funding for HBCUs?
Tax credits for charter schools-5+5Should charter schools be supported by tax breaks?
Taxpayer funding for Charter Schools-10+10Should taxpayer money be used for charter schools?
Protecting Social Security-10+10Protecting retirement plans. Should the age one collects Social Security be raised?
Police Militarization-10+10Should civilian police be given weapons by the Pentagon via program 1033.
Mandatory Minimums-10+10Do you support the 6th Amendment? Would you vote to end all mandatory sentencing?
Stop and Frisk-10+10Do you support the 4th Amendment to the Constitution?
Asset Forfeiture-10+10Should cops be able to seize assets of those not convicted?
Death Penalty-10+10Do you support the death penalty?
Crack/Powder Cocaine Disparity?+10-10Do you support ending the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine?